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We want to help semi/fully remote teams to stay connected and aligned through virtual team building activities. 

“We created Bondadil to offer support, inspiration, and best practices for the team leaders, founders, and HR managers who want to keep their remote teams connected and fully aligned.”

Annika Helendi


We love remote work.

Our Team

Annika Helendi


Remote work veteran and passionate advocate for flexible work-life integration.

Helena Helendi

Project Manager

Jack of all trades when it comes to getting a website off the ground.

Birgit Maggi

Project Manager

Knows exactly what busy remote teams need in order to get de-stressed.


Any Questions?

What exact activities help remote teams to bond?

Spending time together and having conversations about non-work-related topics is the easiest way to help remote teams to bond. According to science, breaking routines/changing the scenery, having fun together, working towards a shared goal, and having authentic conversations are the main things that help remote teams to bond and build trust.

Our team has Zoom fatigue, what can we do?

Changing the scenery and breaking routine is an important part of team building. Try out team challenges and competitions from Bondadil’s library that include more offline activities – for example, a photography competition or ask your team to pick up their computers and have the team building call from the balcony or from the kitchen to break the routine.

Why is virtual team building important?

Informal communication or “watercooler chats” don’t happen organically in remote teams, so it’s essential that the leaders create these opportunities and encourage non-work-related bonding. This helps your team to stay aligned, collaborate better, be more efficient, and lowers employee turnover.

How often should we organize these virtual events?

It’s a good practice to have a dedicated time slot for non-work-related virtual activities every week. If you are all working in the same time zone, then a Friday afternoon might be a good time to schedule that. If once a week doesn’t work for your team, try doing something fun at least every month.

Improve Remote Workforce Retention

Invest in virtual team building

You have to provide the space and opportunities for non-work-related bonding. What might come naturally in a regular office, has to be intentional for distributed teams.